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SCULPT x2™ Facial Massage Roller

SCULPT x2™ Facial Massage Roller

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This unique roller is used to define facial features dramatically.  Immediately after use cheekbones are sculpted and lifted, Jawline defined, face de puffed, complexion brightened.  The double rollers of SCULPT x2 resemble a smooth kneading knuckle massage on the face that gently works on both dermal and muscle level giving the massage extra potency.

Skin type: Any 

Full Benefits: 

  • Helps define cheekbones 
  • Helps define Jawline
  • Lifts facial features
  • De-puffs
  • Lymphatic drainage 
  • Detoxification
  • Brightens complexion 

SCULPT x2 comes with a reusable small casing that is ultra light, travel safe, shock absorbing, antimicrobial and water resistant.