At Solaris Labs NY we reimagined selfcare, making it possible for you to enjoy dermatologist-level skincare from the comfort of your home. Our goal  to bring innovation with strong efficacy shapes our product line, allowing seamless addition into your skincare routine.

Curated to cater to various skin types and concerns, our devices use high-performance features to enhance your daily skincare routine. Each treatment is designed to effectively nurture your skin over time, bringing professional-grade care into the comfort of your home.

We want give you the freedom and flexibility to take care of your skin on your own schedule. Experience our solutions that are not only affordable and accessible but also non-invasive and environmentally conscious. With Solaris Labs NY, it's your time, your terms.


About the Founder  


Iliana Ivanova founded Solaris Laboratories NY in 2017.  As an undergrad studying science and human health, Iliana developed a passion to develop innovative products that have demonstrated real efficacy in skin care and health. 

How is Iliana's approach different than other 'tool' brands?

From a scientific standpoint Iliana has taken her medical expertise of skin treatment modalities and has curated a selection of tools or techniques that have clinical research backing their results.  

Iliana demands results. Prior to every product launch, she reads all medical literature, published journals and consults with dermatologists to ensure the method, product, or technology has clinical trials supporting statistically significant results. 

We are currently conducting our own private trials on our products and will soon share the exciting clinical findings on how well our tools really work when incorporated in a skin care routine.

Our Beauty Ethos

There has been a lot of talk about the environment and the future of our planet, and in light of this climate we have came together as a team and decided to be more fluid, and not stay static as a company.  

We want you to know what guides our beliefs and decisions on consumption or use of our products. Our goal is to convert to be eco friendly, and operate on a philosophy of sustainability with a broad spectrum from sourcing to understanding the full lifecycle of our product up to and including its packaging. 

On the low, we have already been putting a lot of best practices into play, but we now want it to be official and more transparent to you, so you know what we are doing and how we are going to go about reducing our carbon footprint together during this transient time of change.

 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose


Sustainability is core to our mission at Solaris Labs NY. We recognize that the typical lifecycle of electronics ending in landfills is not sustainable. As a producer, we are committed to minimizing our environmental impact. That's why we've partnered with Ecologi, allowing you to directly contribute to climate change mitigation with every purchase. For each product sold, we plant a tree to offset CO2 emissions, helping us all move towards a better world.



For the next 2 years we're slashing unnecessary packaging like cellophane and eliminating plastic foam and shock-absorbing materials. Our packaging now features 100% biodegradable, compostable materials, including peanuts as insulating material. We've streamlined our packaging design to square and rectangle shapes for our products. This maximizes efficiency in space usage and reduces weight, significantly cutting down air freight carbon emissions.


Our packaging is designed not just for single use but for ongoing utility. The EVA foam that encases our tools offers durability (shock absorption, antimicrobial properties, protection, and water resistance) and can be repurposed throughout the product's lifecycle. You can confidently store your tool in this foam, toss it in your luggage, or keep it on your bathroom countertop without fear of damage or degradation.

For our liquid products, we offer a refill program. Send back your empty containers, and we'll refill them and return them to you with a 20% discount. For details or to set up a refill, please contact us at support@solarislabny.com.



We encourage repurposing your packaging. For instance, our acrylic boxes are perfect for storing bathroom essentials like q-tips or cotton balls once the sticker is removed. Our mist containers can be refilled with water for a cooling spritz on hot days or used for your own DIY mist projects.


Our commitment extends to using glass for most topical products, as it can be infinitely recycled. For our crystal tools, we opt for EVA foam, which, like glass, can be ground up and remolded, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of our production processes.