Coming together everyone on our team had one common belief; that skin care and wellness should be a safe and fun experience that adds a value to your life.  

As a company we are very interested in massage techniques and modalities that have been around for hundreds to thousands of years combined with the use of high tech tools to optimize your routine and skin health. 

The main inspiration behind our product line dates back to ancient Egyptians and their belief that beauty was a sign of holiness. For them, beauty and wellness was an obsession that was not only for aesthetic, but also had a magical and ritual purpose.  Much like our modernized "2.0 version" that we offer on our website, they utilized cupping therapy to heal the body, crystals to cleanse the aura, and natural plant based oils and extracts to enhance beauty.

We aim to offer a unique product selection that not only help you on your wellness journey by bringing another dimension into your everyday skincare ritual.

About the Founder  


Iliana Ivanova founded Solaris Laboratories NY in 2017.  As an undergrad studying science and human health, Iliana developed a passion to develop innovative products that have demonstrated real efficacy in skin care and health. 

How is Iliana's approach different than other 'tool' brands?

From a scientific standpoint Iliana has taken her medical expertise of skin treatment modalities and has curated a selection of tools or techniques that have clinical research backing their results.  

Iliana demands results. Prior to every product launch, she reads all medical literature, published journals and consults with dermatologists to ensure the method, product, or technology has clinical trials supporting statistically significant results. 

We are currently conducting our own private trials on our products and will soon share the exciting clinical findings on how well our tools really work when incorporated in a skin care routine.

Our Beauty Ethos

There has been a lot of talk about the environment and the future of our planet, and in light of this climate we have came together as a team and decided to be more fluid, and not stay static as a company.  

We want you to know what guides our beliefs and decisions on consumption or use of our products. Our goal is to convert to be eco friendly, and operate on a philosophy of sustainability with a broad spectrum from sourcing to understanding the full lifecycle of our product up to and including its packaging. 

On the low, we have already been putting a lot of best practices into play, but we now want it to be official and more transparent to you, so you know what we are doing and how we are going to go about reducing our carbon footprint together during this transient time of change.

 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose


The lifecycle of electronics that ends in the landfill isn't sustainable, and as a producer of goods we have a responsibility to offset this in the environment. Thats why we have partnered with Ecologi to help you take action in climate change at your fingertips! With every purchase we will plant a tree to offset CO2 emissions and do our part to contribute living in a better world. 



In 2023 we will reduce unnecessary packaging like cellophane and have completely eliminated plastic foam/shock absorbing internal packaging.  Boxes and packaging is 100% biodegradable/compostable peanuts as insulating material. The mini cardboard boxes that house our oils will be dropped and we have opted for Square/Rectangle for the bulk of our packaging (bottles, Foam material, Steam containers) because the shape maximizes product to surface area and increases tessellation for our large shipments. This in turn will reduce unnecessary weight when compounded will increase efficiency on air freight and decrease our input to carbon emissions. 


Most of the packaging we have was designed with the intent to be reused or to be repurposed to avoid the final destination: the landfill. The EVA foam that houses most of our tools was strategically designed to not only be efficient (shock absorbing, antimicrobial, protecting, and water resistant) but to be reused throughout the lifecycle of the product. 

You can store your tool inside while feeling comfortable enough to toss it in your luggage and not worry about it breaking keep it on your bathroom counter top and it never getting soggy or moldy with time after repeated face washes and counter splashes.

If you ship any of your liquid products to us we now have a program in place to refill your product and ship it back to you with 20% off the product price. For more information or to set up a refill order email us at support@solarislabny.com.


 Repurposing your packaging is another area we are focusing on, the STEAM 1st acrylic box is meant to be repurposed in your home. Once the sticker is removed, you can use the box to store your q tips/cotton balls or pads or anything small in the bathroom or around the house. Our LQD Rose mist can be re used to refill it with water to spritz on a hot day, or any DIY mist if you’re up for the project :-)


Most of our topical products are in glass containers because glass can be infinitely recycled and reused. For our crystal tools we chose to use EVA foam. EVA stands for Ethylene-Vinyl acetate copolymer. Recycling is done when the foam is ground up and re molded again similar to how glass is re used. Recycling this foam is not only environmentally friendly but can help companies reduce their carbon footprint.