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We are based out of New York City and founded in late 2017.  Coming together everyone on our team had one common belief; that skin care and wellness should be a safe and fun experience that adds a value to your life.  

Our goal is to help optimize your routine and help bring out the best in you!  As a company we are very interested in products that have been around for hundreds to thousands of years. In a sense, what did your grandma’s grandma do and what tricks or secrets did they pass on because one thing is for sure – The past is the best indicator of the future, something worked so it was passed on.

This is why we trust the ingredients & modalities that have been used by the ancients, they didn't have preservatives or harmful fillers but simply relied on what Mother Nature offered.  

The main inspiration behind our product line dates back to ancient Egyptians and their belief that beauty was a sign of holiness. For them, beauty and wellness was an obsession that was not only for aesthetic, but also had a magical and ritual purpose.  Much like our modernized "2.0 version" that we offer on our website, they utilized cupping therapy to heal the body, crystals to cleanse the aura, and natural plant based oils and extracts to enhance beauty.

We aim to offer a unique holistic product selection that not only help you on your wellness journey, but to also have a connection to spirituality by bringing another dimension into your everyday skincare ritual.