Comprehensive Safety and Contraindications Guide for LED Light Therapy and Microcurrent Treatments

We often get questions on different populations and if it's safe for them to use our products - here is a comprehensive guide on LED light Therapy and Microcurrent Therapy 

Enhanced Safety and Contraindications for LED Light Therapy

1. Photosensitivity: Avoid LED therapy if you have a history of photosensitivity or are on photosensitizing medications.
2. Pregnancy: The effects of LED therapy during pregnancy are unclear, so it's advised to avoid it.
3. Epilepsy: Individuals with epilepsy, especially photosensitive epilepsy, should not use LED therapy.
4. Eye Safety: Use protective eyewear during LED treatments to prevent eye damage.
5. Skin Cancer History: Consult a healthcare professional before using LED therapy if you have a history of skin cancer.
6. Children: LED therapy is not recommended for children without medical supervision.
7. Electrical Safety: Do not use LED devices near water to avoid electrical hazards. Ensure devices are dry before use.
8. Charging Safety: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for charging LED devices. Do not leave charging devices unattended.
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Enhanced Safety and Contraindications for Microcurrent Therapy

1. Pacemakers or Electronic Implanted Devices: Microcurrent therapy can interfere with these devices.
2. Pregnancy: Avoid microcurrent therapy during pregnancy due to a lack of research.
3. Seizure Disorders: Individuals with seizure disorders should avoid microcurrent therapy.
4. Cancer: Consult a healthcare professional if you have a history of cancer or are undergoing treatment.
5. Heart Conditions: Individuals with heart issues should consult their doctor before microcurrent therapy.
6. Open Wounds or Infections: Do not use microcurrent therapy on open wounds or infected areas.
7. Device Integrity: Regularly inspect the device for damage and do not use if any irregularities are found.

Additional Considerations

- Pacemaker and Defibrillator Wearers: Avoid using both LED and microcurrent therapies as they can interfere with these devices.
- Migraines Triggered by Light: Individuals prone to light-induced migraines should use LED therapy cautiously.
- Photosensitizing Conditions: Those with conditions like lupus that make them sensitive to light should avoid LED therapy.

General Precautions

- Consultation with Healthcare Professionals: Always seek advice from a healthcare provider before starting new treatments.
- Skin Reactions: Discontinue use if you experience adverse skin reactions and seek medical advice.
- Instruction Adherence: Follow the device’s instruction manual and avoid exceeding recommended usage times.


Understanding the comprehensive safety measures and contraindications is crucial for the safe use of LED light therapy and microcurrent treatments. Always prioritize health and consult healthcare professionals before starting new treatments.