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What is the difference between Jade and Rose Quartz Roller?

Jade is a stone and Rose quartz is a crystal.  The two exude their own different vibrational/energy fields and holistically for healing in different ways.  Rose Quartz is a little heavier, and feels slightly smoother and cooler to the touch.  In traditional Chinese medicine Jade is known to eliminate toxins, soothe the mind, and stimulate the "Qi" what the Chinese call the 'life force'. Rose quartz historically has been used to heal and attract love, strengthen relationships and calm the soul. I The use of rose quartz dates back to Egyptian times where Cleopatra has been said to have bathed with chunks of rose quartz stone, and the ladies in her court crushed it and applied it on their face for its anti aging properties. Rose quartz can be used to stimulate youth, calm irritated skin, and help fight the signs of aging. 

Are your crystals authentic?

Our crystals are 100% authentic, hand cut, carved and polished, unless purchased in raw form where it will be stated. 

Do you ship International? 

We do ship international, only that buyer pays for shipping.

Are your crystal products identical?

Because of the nature of crystals combined with the fact they are handmade/polished, you may find a slight variance in color, shape, marbling pattern, opacity and weight. These variances are usually not noticeable with a naked eye.

Will Gua Sha leave marks?

 Our Gua Sha facial tool is designed to be used with a light hand massage technique on the face that does not leave any marks on the skin if used properly. 

Will Cupping leave marks?

Our cupping sets are designed to be used in a massage method, though you can leave them static (in one place) moving the cups prevents mark formation on the skin. 

Do you offer Wholesale?

Due to the high number of inquiries we receive for wholesale please email us the items you're interested in and the quantity you're interested in and your email/contact to 


We ship domestic and international. We ship 2-4 business days and ship USPS unless specific requests or arrangements are made. For international orders please allow 1-4 weeks for delivery as every country has different times for customs. 


If there are any concerns with the item you received please immediately e-mail us at to resolve your issue. 

For damaged items, we fully stand behind our product and our goal is to leave you happy so kindly report your damaged item within 72 hours of delivery to be replaced/exchanged with a photograph of damaged item (some exceptions can be applied where photo is not necessary). 

For all other returns aside from damages, we require your product to be returned within 30 days of purchase and to be returned within 7 days of refund/exchange request. 

Solaris Laboratories is not responsible for shipping costs on returns unless the item is damaged/defective. 

We are unable to to refund shipping cost as these are fees that have been paid to our third party carrier for a service that has been completed. 

For International items, please allow 1-4 weeks for delivery, as different countries customs have different processing times. 

For retailer/stocklist returns we will offer a return/exchange as long as proof of purchase is provided (exceptions can be made on case by case situation). 



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