LED Light Therapy Mask: THE Tool Of 2022

Blue led light therapy mask
Have you wanted to have a 'do it all' gadget? Look no further, LED mask is your one stop shop. LED light skin therapy can reverse photo damage, decrease redness and acne, soften the skin’s texture, increase collagen and elastin to minimize fine lines, even out discoloration, and brighten the tone.  It has been clinically  studied for many years and its efficacy has been proven again and again. It works. 

What is LED light therapy

LED is a non heat producing light that alters cellular function and used as a medical treatment in a clinical setting for a variety of skin conditions. Because of the ability to both penetrate the skin well and be absorbed by the cells, any range of light between 330-1300nm is useful for promoting wound healing, tissue (skin) to self-repair, and skin rejuvenation.

What makes it different than other procedures?

Unlike more invasive skin rejuvenation procedures that induce a controlled damage that will in turn stimulate tissue repair (ie. Microneedling or laser) LED light therapy bypasses this destructive step and stimulates the regenerative process in the cells of the skin.
Although invasive procedures work well this is where LED shines giving you the upper hand of a more a convenient, from home affordable option with no inflammation, unpleasant pain, or prolonged down time.

The Benefits

Each color has a different wavelength so stimulates various cells in multiple layers of the skin at once.  
 RED   620-750 nm         Depth 1-6mm
BLUE 420-500 nm           Depth 1mm
GREEN 470-570 nm        Depth 0.5-2mm
YELLOW 500-600 nm    Depth 1-2 mm

What does research say?

RED LED – 113 subjects were exposed to red LED therapy twice a week to evaluate safety and efficacy. The results showed that the participants experienced significantly improved complexion, skin feeling, skin roughness, and increased collagen density compared to the control group that was not exposed to red LED light therapy.
BLUE LED – 24 subjects with mild to severe acne that had not used topical or oral treatment for weeks prior to the trial showed 78% improvement after using the blue LED light twice a week for 6 weeks.
GREEN LED – 150 subjects were exposed to green led light 3-6 treatments per week for 3-6 months. The participants showed 70-80% improvement in redness, pigmentation. 40-60% in skin texture.
YELLOW LED – Addresses redness and rosacea. LED amber light therapy is safe enough that it has been used to ease the redness in the faces of patients who have undergone laser surgery for other skin conditions. amber light can interact with the dermal cells, triggering cell turnover, as well as acting on the protection and the hydration of the skin.

Our Verdict?

Whether you have multiple skin issues or just one, a light shield mask is the perfect solution to help take your routine to the next level. Our led mask HOW TO GLOW is light, hands free, and transparent, making it the perfect addition for a home spa experience. 


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LED Light Therapy Mask - Your One Stop Shop For Skin Health

LED Light Therapy Mask - Your One Stop Shop For Skin Health

Clear, Smooth, Radiant: Meet Your New Skin Savior!

Clear, Smooth, Radiant: Meet Your New Skin Savior!




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