Everyone is curious about LED light therapy and its broad spectrum of benefits from skin, hair, and health. We have collected the questions we get asked again and again and are sharing them here for your knowledge. 




Can I use LED light therapy this while breastfeeding/pregnant?

Every individual has their own health history and breastfeeding/pregnant women are a lot more sensitive than the rest of the population due to the many changes happening in the body during this period. Though research has shown LED light to be safe, it is best to consult with your doctor or medical professional and get the green light.

How long does it take before I see results?

With LED light therapy for hair and skin the results are compounded and commutative. Think of LED light therapy like going to the gym or yoga, the more dedicated you are the more robust results you will see. In clinical trials participants used LED light therapy on average 3 months 3-5 times per week. The results vary because like all treatments it is not a one size fit all. There are many variables that contribute to efficacy. Time, skin condition at initiation, products used before or after the treatment, lifestyle, and medication use. For example, if you live a high stress life, smoke and don’t get too much sleep you may see the results take 4 months or if your lifestyle is the opposite it can be several weeks. Everyone is different and their biological makeup will respond different to the various wavelengths of light.

Can I use retinol or retinoid products with LED skin therapy?

 Though there is no research demonstrating if it helps or doesn’t we suggest you speak with your dermatologist or medical professional to give you a green light before using it. Everyone has their own health history which we cannot asses so for this and safety reasons consult with your doc to give you the green light before you proceed.

Can I use all colors in one session or do I use one color per day, per session?

Treatment can be 15-45 minutes, you can choose one color or alternate through all in the session. Light treatment is customizable, it depends what your goal is. If you want anti aging, it is best to spend entire session on red light because switching to green will not enhance anti aging effects. If your goal is acne, stay on blue light only. If you want to treat all kinds of skin issues then you may change through all colors and spend as much time as you like per color. 

Do I use the goggles that come with my mask?

LED light therapy has been studied extensively and demonstrated to be generally safe. We recommend using them on every session. We like to provide protection to customers who want to take that extra safety measure and would make them feel more comfortable. Also people with any diagnosed underlying eye diseases ( eg. Glaucoma) should consult with a doctor before use and also use the goggles.  We recommend whenever a customer has any underlying diagnosed condition, or is unsure about use to always consult with a doctor before use.

What makes it different than other procedures?

Unlike more invasive skin rejuvenation procedures that induce a controlled damage that will in turn stimulate tissue repair (ie. Microneedling or laser) LED light therapy bypasses this destructive step and stimulates the regenerative process in the cells of the skin.

Though invasive procedures work well this is where LED shines giving you the upper hand of a more a convenient, from home affordable option with no inflammation, unpleasant pain, or prolonged down time.

How many light lines are there in your LED face mask shield?

The new mask has been upgraded to have 17% more light lines, and 17% more intense. The total lines is 47 which will cover the entire face and portion of the neck as light travels 350 degrees. The mask is not intended to treat the neck, just face area but the neck will get exposed to a degree of light.

Can I use any skin care products with mask?

The mask should be used on clean dry skin. After treatment you can continue with your skin care routine.


What are the benefits of LED light therapy face shield?

Each color has a different wavelength so stimulates various cells in multiple layers of the skin at once.  

RED – 600-700 nm        depth 1-6mm

BLUE 400-500 nm         depth 1mm

GREEN 470-570 nm      depth 0.5-2mm

AMBER 500-600nm       depth 1-2 mm


What does research say?

 Red – 113 subjects were exposed to red LED therapy twice a week to evaluate safety and efficacy. The results showed that the participants experienced significantly improved complexion, skin feeling, skin roughness, and increased collagen density compared to the control group that was not exposed to red LED light therapy.

Blue – 24 subjects with mild to severe acne that had not used topical or oral treatment for weeks prior to the trial showed 78% improvement after using the blue LED light twice a week for 6 weeks.

Green – 150 subjects were exposed to green led light 3-6 treatments per week for 3-6 months. The participants showed 70-80% improvement in redness, pigmentation. 40-60% in skin texture.

Amber – Addresses redness and rosacea. LED amber light therapy is safe enough that it has been used to ease the redness in the faces of patients who have undergone laser surgery for other skin conditions. amber light can interact with the dermal cells, triggering cell turnover, as well as acting on the protection and the hydration of the skin.

Why doesn’t my product work ?

Often the reason your product does not work is easily fixed with a little troubleshooting. The first question is have you charged your product or charge it between use?  Did it not work after being charged? Did you use our cable that was included with your product? Only our product cables should be used not a different brand. Once mask is fully charged when plugged in there will be a blue light on the rim, if it's charging it will be red light on the white rim. If your mask doesn’t work and there is red light it means the battery is dead and needs charging. For Ultrasonic Spatula while the product is charging there will be blue blinking lights, when it is fully charged the blinking lights stop. 

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