Rose Quartz Facial Roller is The Newest Skincare Craze

Rose Quartz Facial Roller is The Newest Skincare Craze

Eastern medicine based skincare such as facial cupping has been gaining traction in the last several years as the demand for more organic beauty has been growing turning people's attention to use less Botox and more natural anti aging solutions. Facial massage is an effective way give your face and skin a wake up call and  dermal rollers make it an easy DIY option at home if you don't have the time or money to see a facialist on the regular.  Rose quartz facial roller is one of the most effective ones out of several types that you can add to maximize your existing beauty regime. The semi precious rose quartz stone is a beautiful soft pink hue crystal with properties that can be used in emotional, physical and spiritual healing, talked about in a post found here.  

What is a Rose Quartz Facial Roller?


Emotionally, rose quartz promotes anything positive in the love department such as self-love, attracting new love, or strengthening existing relationships.  Energetically speaking it radiates warm vibrations of calmness so having the stone close to you or around you can help calm the vibes promote positivity and physically the roller can help a broad spectrum of skin issues. 


What does it do for the face? 

The roller can be used on the skin on its own, with facial oil, or on top of a sheet mask to help push the product in the deeper dermal layers.  Its primary mechanism of action is working on lymphatic system and its drainage so an immediate effect is de puffing of eyes and face.  Rolling it around your face is an extremely relaxing experience so makes as an ideal end of day ritual to get facial muscles relaxed and tension released.  The roller also increases circulation of the skin and that combined with lymphatic drainage can also help:

·      decreasing wrinkles 
·      help decrease acne
·      lift facial muscles
·      brighten dull skin


Overall your skin is left with a radiant dewy glow that you used to get when your grandma would pinch your cheeks when you were 5 years old.
After using this regularly you will notice it is a very gentle yet powerful tool to incorporate in your skincare regimen for boosted calming and anti aging effects. The Rose quartz facial roller can be purchased online here from Solaris Laboratories NY for $35.00.


To sum it all up


  • Rose quartz facial roller is an excellent inexpensive option to compliment your existing skincare regimen 
  • The roller has added benefits of rose quartz crystal which has many healing properties
  • It can help with many skin issues such as anti-aging,  fighting acne, and toning facial muscles













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