The Red LED Sun Damage Repair

To prepare for this treatment, activate the red LED light. For this facial, use mode 4-6 with the red LED light option enabled.
Targeted Muscles: Focus on various facial muscles and areas on the neck that show signs of sun damage.

  • Hold the device vertically and start at the jawline. Glide it upward toward the cheekbone, pausing for 3 seconds on areas with sun damage. Do this for a total of 5 glides on one side of the face.
  • Move to the neck area. Begin at the base of the neck and glide the device upward toward the jawline for a total of 3 glides.
  • Now, switch to the other side of the face and repeat the process, still paying extra attention to the sun-damaged areas.

This facial aims to encourage skin repair in sun-damaged areas and improve overall skin tone and texture.

Make sure to hold the device vertically during all gliding motions.