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PRISM - Nano Hydrogen Rich Water Mist

PRISM - Nano Hydrogen Rich Water Mist

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Calm your thirsty (and very cranky) skin.

Hydrogen Nano water mist is a daily care essential for the skin care routine. The hydrogen Nano steam combined with ionized water particles are up to 10x more effective in penetration of the skin barrier.


This means if you need immediate deep hydration with the benefit of anti aging and rejuvenating properties this little tool has it all.

What is Hydrogen rich mist and its benefits?

There is a reason why hydrogen rich water has been an obsession in Japanese culture. Hydrogen is known for its antioxidant properties. It is a tiny molecule that has the ability to diffuse inside the cell easily and works its wonders. When diffused gently on the skin it has calming anti-inflammatory properties so it will reduce redness and even tone. In a recent study it was found that hydrogen rich water enhances collagen production and has the ability to reduce appearance on fine lines and wrinkles.  After filling the water tank with bottled water, it filters through the device to produce an ultra fine water plus Hydrogen rich mist. 


  • Super Antioxidant
  • Ultra Hydrating
  • Anti-aging
  • Calming
  • Revitalizing
  • Rejuvenating


USB + Cord included in box

Recommended use with bottled water

Multi Color LED light

Auto 30 second turn off mode

Small/Portable for travel

Recommended use: During Flight travel, Gym, Pre kin care routine


Can I use aromatherapy inside the water tank?

No, do not put anything inside other than water.

Can I use any water?

You should try to use bottled water, because the inside of the device is fragile and the mechanism it does to convert water to hydrogen can be easily damaged by chlorination of regular tap water. 

Why does it turn off in 30 seconds?

Because this isn't conventional vapor, the water and hydrogen molecules are ultra small and penetrate quickly/easily. 30 seconds is all you need but you are free to 'click click' it on and do several more 30 second intervals, its all at your discretion. 

Why does the water tank change color like a rainbow, does this do anything for the mist? 

There is no function, other than its incredibly pretty and people will ask you 'Hey! what is that?'

How often should I use it?

As often as you like, there is no restrictions limitations or contraindications other than this is not a toy and not designed for children.