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Smoky Quartz Crystal
Smoky Quartz Double Terminated Crystal

Smoky Quartz Double Terminated Crystal

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Grounding. Cleansing. Protecting. 

Long believed for neutralizing energy and bringing balance to its surroundings it makes it an excellent stone for healing and balancing mind body and spirit. As a mood elevator it is great to use to combat anxiety and stress by balancing the energy and grounding its owner emotionally and mentally.


Smoky Quartz can also be used to protect against electromagnetic smog that is emitted from electronic devices, so it ideal to store on a desk near a computer, or cellphone to protect the owner’s natural energy field by absorbing invisible harmful emissions. 


Where to use

  • In the home near a doorway
  • In children’s room by a window 
  • On a desk near a computer or electronic devices (i.e. Cellphone) 


Why Double Terminated

Double terminated crystals are useful in healing applications due to the ability of energy flowing in both directions. 




2.5-3 INCH


2-4.5 INCH 


Note: There may be slight variations in your crystal in terms of internal color and striation pattern, length and weight as no two crystals are the same.