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Germanium Illuminating Skin Wand
Germanium Illuminating Skin Wand

Germanium Illuminating Skin Wand

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The hexagonal shape of this wand was engineered for an easy manual facial massage that quickly energizes the skin for a no fuss anti-aging massage.  Germanium is known to rebalance positive and negative ions on the skin by creating a natural microcurrent as the roller glides over the skin this will create the following desired effects when used immediately and cumulatively: 

  • Energized Skin
  • Slimmer Appearance of face
  • Contoured Cheekbones
  • Overall Lifted features
  • Brightens Skin
  • Smoothed Fine lines
  • Circulation Boosting

Roll face for 3 minutes a day up to 5 times a week with or without serum.  

The direction of the roll should always be aimed to be 'upward' from the jawline up towards to counteract the effect of gravity. 

Skin type: Normal, Oily, Combination, Aging. 

Clinical Studies Demonstrating Antioxidant Activity 

Clinical Trial 1

Clinical Trial 2


How is this different than other face/skin rollers? 

There are Germanium stones built into the roller, and when it is rolled briskly on the skin they detox and neutralize free radicals ie: pollution, stress etc. 

Can this be used in the eye area?

No, it is primarily for the forehead, cheek area and neck area.

Should I use a serum with this roller?

It can be used in conjunction with or without a skincare product.  Your face will develop a rosy hue from the microcirculation.