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STEAM 1st™
STEAM 1st™
STEAM 1st™

STEAM 1st™

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Unlike anything you have ever tried, this experience is where skincare meets meditation. The crystal transmits your intent into the universe as you drape your head with a towel, seclude yourself from the world and gaze upon the aromatic steaming petal/crystal exilir.
This high vibe steam has the ability to transform dry, bland complexion into dewy, energized, glowy younger version of itself using a combination of the herbal mix and clear quartz crystal. 



STEAM 1st will deeply penetrate the skin opening pores allowing oil and dirt buildup to loosen, hydrating every dermal layer while boosting circulation and relinquishing toxins. Each ingredient has a specialized function to aid in improving your skin as first and integral step of a skincare routine.



  • Raw clear quartz Crystal point- cellular energy stimulating
  • Organic Dandelion Leaf- detoxifying, promotes clarity and balance
  • Organic Raspberry Leaf- oil removal, pore shrinking, blackhead removal
  • Organic Calendula Flower-calming, soothing, hydrating
  • Organic Rose Petals & Buds-anti inflammatory, stimulating, antioxidant
  • Organic Chamomile Flowers-soothing, calming
  • Organic Hibiscus Flower-cleansing, wrinkle reducing
  • Organic Rose Hips (whole)-antioxidant/vitamin C
  • Organic Sweet Orange Peel-stimulating, promoting natural glow
  • Organic Lavender- stimulates cellular renewal, anti-inflammatory

Product weight 1.8-2 oz, 12-18 uses.


Place crystal in bowl and pour 1-2 spoons + steaming water and steep for 5 minutes. With dish safely secured on steady surface, lean over steam comfortably; drape head with towel to make a tent and close eyes for 10 minutes breathing normally. If you feel overheated or uncomfortable let some steam out or discontinue. Use 1-2 x a week or as needed. When finished, splash face with tepid water followed by cool water then pat dry.



Can be used by all skin types with exception of weepy or cystic acne, sunburned/wind burned skin, dilated capillaries/rosacea. Or any condition where heat can irritate it further. Contact a health professional for further clarification.