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Face and Body Dry brush

Face and Body Dry brush

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Dry brushing has been used for thousands of years across many civilizations, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly where it originated.  It is a very healing and meditative ritual and is best incorporated during your intimate "me" time.  

Exfoliating, detoxifying, invigorating, cleansing, stimulating, boosting circulation and anti aging properties for the face.  

The technique is simple, using circular motion always aim to move brush towards heart.  Starting from ankles or face, brush with strokes ending toward the heart. You can press a little because our bristles are medium in firmness and they're gentle enough to use with people with more sensitive skin.  

Ideally it is best to take a shower or bath after your brushing and finish the ritual with a moisturizer. For the face we recommend THE ROSEHIP because it is highly absorbed leaving no residue. 

The dry brush is made with ethically collected goat hair from Brazil and the handle is made from Birch Wood.