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SCULPT x2™ Facial Massage Roller

SCULPT x2™ Facial Massage Roller

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This dermal roller is used to define facial features dramatically.  Immediately after use cheekbones are sculpted and lifted, Jawline defined, face de-puffed, complexion brightened.  The double rollers of SCULPT x2 resemble a smooth kneading knuckle massage on the face that gently works on both dermal and muscle level giving the massage extra potency.

Skin type: Any 

Full Benefits: 

  • Help define cheekbones 
  • Help define Jawline
  • Lifts facial features
  • De-puffs
  • Lymphatic drainage 
  • Detoxification
  • Brightens complexion 

SCULPT x2 comes with a reusable small casing that is ultra-light, travel safe, shock-absorbing, antimicrobial, and water-resistant.  

Clinical Trial Demonstrating Efficacy

Trial 1