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The Rose Quartz Crystal Face and Body Sculptor

The Rose Quartz Crystal Face and Body Sculptor

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Like our heart shaped Gua Sha, this efficacious crystal tool can not only be used for a anti-aging face massage but also for body healing.

Ergonomically designed to fit and work with the many contours of your face and body to help with:

  • Anti Aging/ Wrinkle Reduction
  • Soothing Facial massage
  • Face Sculpting
  • Acupressure/ Pressure Points
  • Detoxifying via the lymphatic system
  • Migraine/headache reduction
  • TMJ
  • Body massage
  • Foot massage
  • Head and neck massage








Please note, no two Gua Sha crystal tools are the same.  You may see color variance and marbling pattern variance.  You may find air pockets in the surface which is normal they may appear as if the crystal is broken or cracking or has 1mm bubbles, this is not damage or defect but uniqueness to the natural formation of the crystal.  As long as the air pocket does not interfere with the massage and feel rough on the skin on the edge where crystal makes contact with skin it is considered uniqueness of the stone.